Welcome to our hub dc.dmvn.net:1441

Our hub Ex-BIG (former BIG.Vip.Zone Corbina/Beeline hub is now alive again!

But this page in under re-construction. Please refer to short documentation in first post of InstaHub forum topic

Here are sources of latest 'Windows-era' release of InstaHub 0.32. Detailed information on this project is available by link to the forum given above.

And here is all-new InstaHub 0.40 targeted on Linux: InstaHub 0.40. Details will appear soon on project website replacing this poor page (also coming soon!). This package contains PtokaX binary built from sources with almost default flags (with optimization and -Wall, of course). If you're a paranoic, you may use your own binary. But I'm not even had an idea to add malicious code to this binary, etc. So, you may just RUN InstaHub (as most users do) and test this new release.

InstaHub sources will be published on GitHub or Bitbucket soon.

On encountering any problems using our hub, feel free to ask:

mailto: dm.velt@ya.ru
Telegram: @vdmit

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